[Your Name Here], ADC Member

Illustration by ADC Member Jeff Kulak

It’s time to see your name in the big lights! Do you have a gallery exhibition opening up? A performance of some kind that could use a crowd? Are you working on an interesting collaboration or a project that is perhaps not so publicly visible, but still amazing?

We want to know what’s happening in your world, and we want to share that news with your fellow ADC membership community. It is important as an ADC member that you are able to connect and share with others in our network. That’s the point of a Club, isn’t it?

ADC members should get to know each other, support each other, connect with each other and yes, it may be our mission, but provoke and elevate each other, as well. Being a member of the ADC community should make you a better professional, a more inspired artist, a more polished craftsman or woman, and one of the most connected individuals in the world.

After all, some of the most talented people in our creative industries belong to the Art Directors Club. So let’s get to know each other a little better, shall we?

If you have something to share, please send a description of your project / work / exhibition / performance / etc. (150 words or less) and a bit about yourself to membernews@adcglobal.org (okay, okay, we essentially want you to send us a pitch. But a light, informal pitch). Include links, visuals and anything that will help us to understand what you want to share with the ADC community. Lastly, please include all pertinent contact information.

A few things to note and understand:

  • The Content + Communications Team will review these submissions bi-monthly and will be back in touch with those we would like to feature on the ADC Blog (please understand that we want to feature as many of you as possible, but this is subject to the restraints of demand and the discretion of the ADC Content + Communications Team).
  • Once you are featured, it will be a minute (or two) before you are featured again (we need to share the limelight!), so please understand that not every one of your brilliant projects will be able to grace the ADC Blog. But we’ll always do the best we can.

We look forward to learning more about you and sharing your member news with the ADC community!

Want to learn more about each other in person? Be sure to keep an eye on our Calendar of Events and stop by the ADC Gallery any time we’re open to meet your fellow members.

Above illustration by ADC Member Jeff Kulak.