Yolanda Santosa: 31 Days of Oscars for TMC

TCM Presents 31 Days of Oscars from ferroconcrete on Vimeo.

Young Guns 6 winner Yolanda Santosa and her branding and design compay, Ferroconcrete, recently finished an iconic video montage for TMC titled 31 Days of Oscars.

From Ferroconcrete’s website:

Our goal was to engage audiences both young and old by carefully curating classic footage ranging from the 1940’s to the late 1990’s, and transitioning scene into scene, taking viewers on a reminiscent journey with an entirely new emotional spin.

Taking great care in respecting each film’s integrity, we chose concise shots and edits in their original form, weaving them together with a few surprising twists. From action to romance, drama and war, even outer space, the sequence pays homage to the unique emotional voyage that Hollywood promises and never fails to deliver.

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