YGX Party – one member’s takeaway.

YGX Party at the ADC

Contributed by Jon Cassill, ADC member.

A great evening celebrating some awesome young talent.

The real takeaway once again was inspiration. 

Inspiration and respect for ADC’s support of the creative community.

On this particular night, I appreciated the focus on the American Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts.

ADC generously stepped up to the cause, offering discounted memberships and garnering donations from Gotham Imaging and photographer Randy Scott Slavin to raise funds through the sale of Randy’s prints.

You know, you are there enjoying music, admiring some winning artwork… food, drink, old and new friends, while not far away there are folks in dire straits.

Randy and I were chatting about photography and looking at his images. To my eyes they mark the quiet and darkness that descended on New York’s  streets during Sandy, with light trails witness to the eeiry interruption of daily life that would eventually return. 

The worst of the storm is not in these images, they are a unique perspective on an unprecedented event now passing into history as the city moves forward. It gives you pause to think about the inequality of the storm. Unforgettably, unfathomably, Sandy was devastating to so many members of our community, and still is.

As light and life return to the city the lives and homes of many will never be the same.These people are STILL in URGENT need. Lending support is just “the right thing to do”…


100% of the proceeds go to American Red Cross.

More info here.

Donate directly to the Red Cross.