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Jose Poyatos has nearly 15 years of experience in Advertising, during which he has contributed to a number of organizations’ brand growth. At 22 years old, he founded his own advertising agency COMUNIQUALIS with his two colleagues, Jose V. Sancho and Sergio Iborra, in Valencia, Spain, and worked for all kind of industries, including but not limited to: fashion, transportation, housing, technology and food. His firm remained involved in design, art direction and strategy, both offline and online.

Last year, Jose decided to sell the advertising agency and started a new chapter of his life, on his own and internationally. Currently, Jose intends to develop his career in Miami, there is a huge opportunity in ​​advertising and marketing for both Hispanic and General market. While in Miami, he’s already undergone Miami Ad School’s BOOT CAMP for Account Planners program, now specializing in brand strategy and creative planning.

What brought him thus far?

Along with starting an agency at such a young age, Jose has always taken risks to broaden his advertising purview. Three years ago, through SwapYourShop, Jose embarked on a home-and-office-desk exchange with New York-professional Andrew Zarick for seven weeks. Without previously knowing each other, Jose and Andrew connected virtually then met in person in Valencia before borrowing each other’s lives. Jose and Andrew’s seven months caught attention in media outlets, such as the March 2011 issue of HOW Magazine, in which the two discussed increasing creative capacity by trading spaces between advertising professionals. Jose was asked to speak on this for a local Spanish television channel too.

Jose developed a great processional relationship with his fellow swapper. Andrew is the CEO & Co-Founder of Digital DUMBO, one of the most significant digital networking events in NY. After Jose personally attended one of Andrew’s events in Brooklyn, he decided to export the idea to other cities such as Valencia, which already has replicated the event three times since their swap. Currently, DD is also in London, Boston and Dallas.

Jose attests that his attending professional events similar to DD is crucial for industry training and updating. Since his time in NYC, Jose has spoken at Pecha-Kucha, is a member of TED organization in his home town, and has attended global advertising, art and design conferences, like the last 92nd Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design in Miami, which he thinks was amazing!

ADC: Why did you decide to open your agency?

Jose Poyatos: After obtaining my BA in advertising, I thought that was the best way to have a global vision of the business and keep independence. It was very good—the relationship with partners and employees and clients. Also, I had the opportunity hone all of my skills.

ADC: What can you offer Miami, NYC, and the rest of America’s advertising industry?

Jose: From a professional point of view, my perspective—coming from Europe—is different yet at the same time valuable to the American and global market. The advertising message is more direct in USA, however, in Europe, it is more “acute.”

I also believe that the Hispanic market is booming, and is no longer a “niche” but it will get to a merger (mix-up) with General market, to become all in a Global Market.

ADC: How was your experience at Miami Ad School?

Jose: Arriving to America is very imperative to develop a specialty, and that is something that the school sets up for you nicely. BOOT CAMP is for the experienced student who wants to focus his or her work on a specific area and develop his or her potential.

ADC: What is the most challenging part of your job?

Jose: It could be: to understand what consumers think; how to approach them; how to really catch their eyes, and; how to make them consider that our brand is honest and that our proposal is much more than simply a sale.

ADC: What advantages does your ADC membership offer?

Jose: It is a club with history and an international reputation, so it attracts many members like me.

It’s the place where the largest talent and the latest trends in our industry converge. Also, Ignacio and his team are doing an awesome job. They pay attention to the quality of their proposals and keep them. Definitely, it’s a plus to attend the Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design in Miami and learn from the beach.

ADC: In what type of project you are working on right now?

Jose: I’m thinking about starting a new Digital DUMBO event in Miami. Also, I’m collaborating with the Hispanic section of Mozilla, “Mozilla Hispano. Moreover, I have taken my passion to a new level by launching my own food blog “El Disfrutón.” Because of this, I’m connecting with a group of people who are creating an international brand for our signature dish, the paella. It is something like the “Community of the Paella,” a lot of fun that I promise I will keep you well-informed… 😉

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