We Love You

Bryon Summers is dismarming hate and changing the narrative of Black men and boys, one photo at a time.

While we still wait for Ferguson, Cleveland, and Chicago to put reforms into place, there may yet be another way to shape change–through the click of the shutter. In the wake of multiple police killings of Black men in the U.S, a familiar narrative has emerged from the mainstream media depicting the victims as criminals, thugs, or worse. In response to this, a photography project lead by ADC Member and photographer, Bryon Summers launched late last month called WE LOVE YOU.

“I wanted to share my current project with you. It’s been been getting some buzz being featured online by Essence magazine and BET and even tweeted by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. Adcolor is running an Instagram takeover including a few images from the project. Below, you’ll find more information about the photo series as well as a video from our first stop in NY…

“The We Love You Project is designed to disarm hate and change the narrative of Black men and boys through the power of photography. A simple but powerful reassurance to Black boys and men that even though it feels like they are being murdered and destroyed constantly, they are still a part of a larger community that loves and supports them. Negative images seen in mainstream media are the images that brainwash Black men and boys into believing there is truth behind them. But they are not worthless.

They are not trash. They are are someone’s son, brother, cousin, uncle, husband or father. They are HUMAN! Through the art of photography we can see just how human and how special Black men and boys really are. Images can be powerful reinforcements. They can be examples of who Black men and boys are and aspire to be. WE LOVE YOU, will share portraits of the Black men and boys in our communities via social media, showing each other as well as the world that they are not only human and should be treated as such but, they are LOVED.”

Feel free to read on and check out the project at TheWeLoveYouProject.com and our Instagram @TheWeLoveYouProject.

Words by Bryon Summers
Additional link credits via theSkimm