Watch Natasha Tsakos Perform CLIMAX

The ADC Festival of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design was an unforgettable experience, and we’re still inspired by all the awesomeness that happened in Miami Beach. One of the moments that continues to stay with us is Natasha Tsakos’ arresting multimedia performance, CLIMAX, which she presented at the magnificent New World Center on the second night of the 93rd Annual Awards.

Until she released the video of the thrilling spectacle last week, it was an experience that only a select few hundred people had the chance to marvel at. Now, everyone can catch a glimpse of the amazing evening and Natasha’s powerful work.

Still thinking about it two weeks later, we wanted to ask Natasha a few questions about CLIMAX and her art. But it might just be that the mystery surrounding what she does is all part of its impact.

ADC: Had you ever performed this piece in front of an audience before? 

Natasha: Yes. I had the honor of performing CLIMAX at the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico two years ago. That was surreal and bold in every way.

ADC: Why did you think it would be particularly meaningful to the audience at the ADC 93rd Annual Awards of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design?

Natasha: The show explores the dichotomy between current events and the glitz and glam of pop culture. Design, advertising, media, the news … the lines can blur quickly.

ADC: A lot of the imagery and monologue in CLIMAX involves death, corruption, and malevolence in the world — is there an element of scaring people in what you do? 

Natasha: The credit really goes to Paddy Chayefsky for writing such a powerful monologue. I didn’t make the imagery up. Trash stretches hundreds of miles across the north Pacific Ocean, animals are being poisoned and dumped by the thousands, tsunamis arise, people binge eat while others starve, and Beyonce keeps dancing. These are all part of our world. Is that scary to you?

ADC: Maybe a little bit! Is presenting reality in all its glory and gruesomeness part of your theatrical aim?

Natasha: I prefer aspirations over aims.

ADC: The credits for CLIMAX list ethical costume design as an element of production — what does that entail?

Natasha: I am so privileged to have Luis Valenzuela as my costume designer for this show. Luis has been recognized as a pioneer in green art and eco-friendly avant-garde fashion design. He created my dress with 100% recycled materials.

ADC: You have said that you use technology as a partner on stage, not as a special effect. Why is this an important distinction for you?

Natasha: It differentiates story from gimmickry. And I like stories.