Vlad Golosiy’s Typographic Chaos

ADC Member builds type installations to be turned into posters

For much of ADC and Monotype‘s Typography & Lettering Month, we’ve been featuring two-dimensional creations by our insanely talented Members.This time around, however, we have a cool project to share courtesy of New York-based designer Vlad Golosiy that explores a little more depth.

Entitled Typographic Chaos, Vlad’s project aims to break the rules of typography such as, hierarchy, legibility, grid systems and more, in order to examine the relationship between text-based information and the graphic component of a poster. “During my research, I looked back at different designers such as Jan Tschichold, Armin Hofmann, Josef Muller-Brockmann, Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister and David Carson,” explains Vlad. “I compared and analyzed their various styles, approaches and solutions to problems of creativity and communication. David, Paula and Stefan inspired me to experiment with typography and to look for solutions beyond the accepted rules.”

The first stage of this project was dedicated to constructing live typography installations, using materials such as metal, wood, paper, wires and pushpins. After these three-dimensional installations were ready, Vlad photographed them to be printed as posters.

Typographic Chaos emphasizes the importance of experimentation, and finding new approaches beyond various typographic systems, to solve design problems,” Vlad says. “It pushes the limits of communication by examining how an audience perceives and reacts to the subject matter. As a result, not only is creativity being promoted,  but it also helps to form a better visual communication with an audience.”

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