Victoria Jordan: Thank You For Playing

ADC Member creates installation for 'Art. Storytelling. Impact' exhibition

Last week, ADC — in partnership with Shutterstock — played host to Art. Storytelling. Impact, an exhibition celebrating the tenth anniversary of Chicken & Egg Pictures. As part of the exhibition, five ADC Members were selected to partner with five documentary filmmakers to create art installations inspired by their cinematic creations. We’re featuring the artists, films and installations here on the ADC Blog, but we invite you all to visit the ADC Gallery to experience them first hand.

“Thank You For Playing”
Directed by Malika Zouhali-Worrall and David Osit


Founder, Pureworks, LLC (a design and video content studio)
Brooklyn, NY



Tell us about your installation

I asked people to share their stories of dealing with cancer, then cut them together with important themes and music from the film as well as imagery from the Shutterstock library to create an immersive audio visual presentation. I also constructed a sound booth so visitors could record their own story to be paired with visuals and added to the exhibit.

What was it about the film that inspired you to create this? Was there any key moment where you said “Aha! That’s what i want to express!”?

One of the messages in Thank You For Playing was that we typically shy away from talking about experiences with cancer and death. Having lost a young friend to cancer in February, the grieving process is still fresh and there are moments that replay in my head. This was an opportunity to purge and share those moments… and to create a space for other people to do the same.

“This was an opportunity to purge and share those moments… and to create a space for other people to do the same.”

What was it like to collaborate with the filmmaker?

It was amazing to collaborate with the filmmakers. They were so giving and so open to my idea. Every communication took my installation to the next level.

How does this installation compare to what you normally do?

I’m a creative director and producer by trade, so the audio/video components fit right into what I usually do. But for this installation, I also channeled my inner art and crafts MacGyver to build out the sound booth.

Victoria’s installation, along with four others created by ADC Members for this exhibition, are on display at the ADC Gallery until November 5.