Tomorrow Awards Winner: “Hands On Search”

Search engine + 3D printers + crowdsourcing = huge benefit for blind children and beyond

The final deadline for ADC Tomorrow Awards 2015 is fast approaching. All entries must be submitted by Friday, February 20, leaving you less than two weeks to gather up your most game-changing technological and creative innovations and enter them. No categories, no limits, just great big ideas and the technical know-how to make them happen.

One of the many unique things about the Tomorrow Awards is that the Monster Judges don’t just select the winners, they also explain what made those entries stand above all others. This way, we can all learn the lessons behind these trailblazing winners and employ those lessons in our own work.

Today’s featured winner is Hakuhodu (also a recipient of an ADC Gold Cube last year) and its “Hands On Search” project for Yahoo! Japan. “Hands On Search” uses 3D printers to create models of objects so that blind children may tactilely experience them after searching online.

Hands On Search
Client: Yahoo! Japan
Agency: Hakuhodu
Creative Directors: Kyosuke Taniguchi, Kazuaki Hashida
Art Directors: Chiharu Shimizu, Yuichi Takatani
Designer: Kenjiro Nakayama
Technical Director: Saqoosha
3D Artist: Takayuki Kitai
Developers: Kenji Mori, Yuka Hatae, Kiki Hasegawa
System Engineers: You Tanaka, Takanobu Izukawa
Sound Supervisor: Akari Tatsumi
Production Manager: Takahide Uchibori
Digital Agency: AID-DCC
Project Manager: Kojiro Matsumoto
Planners: Yusuke Tominaga, Shota Hatanaka
Country: Japan