Timothy Goomdan for ADC Young Guns @ Apple Stores

Timothy Goodman (YG7) talks about his presentation last month in San Francisco as part of the ADC Young Guns @ Apple Store series and shares some of the slides he created for the presentation:

“While preparing my presentation for the Art Directors Club, I opted out of showing any major branding or identity work I’ve been a part of. I’ll leave that to Mr. Collins. Instead, I discussed the importance of the smaller, more personal freelance work I’ve done, and how that has enabled me to develop my own voice.

In branding, often a designer becomes the voice of the current client they’re working for—that goes for those who work in-house, or for those who work for a design shop where you maintain the integrity of the leader’s voice—that rarely a young designer can bring their personality, opinions, and character to a project. Consequently, it becomes more difficult for them to satisfy that craving of expression we all have as creative people.

Why does finding and exercising my voice in other mediums matter? It simply keeps me happy and inspired, professionally. By doing so, I feel encouraged to free myself from what I think something should be, which moves me into a space of unexpectedness. I also think this practice directly informs my agency work by making me a more expansive thinker and a quicker image maker. I’ve been very lucky to have great mentors who have supported and encouraged this development.

Below are some of the slides I used as bookmarks during my presentation. While some are meant to be humorous, they are all a reflection of the insights I’ve gained about myself, my work, and my ambitions in the industry.”

Check out his blog to see all of the charts.