Timothy Goodman: Cover of Time Magazine

We’re excited to see the work of the amazing Timothy Goodman on the cover of this week’s Time Magazine!

From Tim’s blog:
Where does optimism come from? How do we find the silver lining in dark clouds? Why are our brains hard-wired to think this way in spite of problems? These are some of the questions answered in a fascinating article called The Optimism Bias.

Time is the world’s largest weekly news magazine, with a circulation of 3.5 million a week. That bit of intimidating information, along with my track record of being a part of killed magazine covers (1 for 6 before this), left me with some suspicion. Perhaps I should have believed in the article more?

HUGE thanks to Andree Kahlmorgan and D.W. Pine for their awesomeness!

Time magazine
Art Director: Andree Kahlmorgan
Design Director: D.W. Pine