Throwback: What’s In A Brand?

Think about how many brand names and logos you see on a daily basis. How many of them could you name? From your first cup of coffee in the morning, to the toothpaste you use before bed, products that you’ve probably been using for years have a way of blending into the scenery as time goes on.

Could you name the brands of everything you consumed, used and disposed of last week? For many companies, this automatic assimilation of their product into people’s lives is the desired effect: after a while, you’re no longer choosing between brands but simply performing an ingrained behavior.

So what would happen if all the signifiers your brain has been trained to recognize went missing? This quiz in the Summer 1984 ADC newsletter asked just that question. Our younger members may be more familiar with the updated looks of these iconic package designs, but it’s always fun to look back  the vintage look being as popular as it is these days. How many did you get right?

1 Barbasol
2 Inglenook
3 Scripto
4 Doritos
5 Old Spice
6 Reach
7 Coke
8 Sprite
9 Tab

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