They’re With Her

Hillary Clinton's Forty-Five Pin Project includes many ADC luminaries

The ADC Blog isn’t where you’re going to find much in the realm of political commentary, but there’s one simple observation that seems pretty safe to remark upon…

Great designers tend to lean left.

Case in point: The Forty-Five Pin Project, where Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign reached out to 45 different artists and designers to carry on the longstanding tradition of crafting political campaign buttons. Particularly noteworthy is just how many of these creatives are associated with ADC

  • Paula Scher, ADC Hall of Fame, 1998
  • Michael Bierut, ADC Hall of Fame, 2003
  • Louise Fili, ADC Hall of Fame, 2004
  • Bonnie Siegler, ADC Young Guns (YG1)
  • Scott Stowell (YG3)
  • Silas Munro (YG5)
  • Willy Wong (YG5)
  • Nicole Jacek (YG8)
  • Noreen Morioka, ADC Board
  • Marianna Fierro, ADC Member

Many of the other artists involved in this project have also passed through our doors as ADC Annual Awards and Young Guns jury members. To see the full collection of buttons in the Forty-Five Pin Project, click here.