The Wild Wild West of Font Licensing

Bruno Maag & Stewart Devlin talk about making licensing easier

Quick, how many typefaces in your computer’s font library do you “own”? What would happen if you used one of the more questionable ones in a professional project? If you don’t know, who’s to blame, you or the industry?

In this short video, the second in a series for ADC Typography Month, type enthusiasts Stewart Devlin — Chief Creative Officer of Red Peak Group — and Bruno Maag, legendary Swiss type designer and owner of Dalton Maag Ltd. — discuss the less-than-cut-and-dry world of font licensing, and how things could be made easier for all involved.

“I don’t think that anybody deliberately steals and uses fonts, but I do think that when you’re pressed for time and you need to test a font, you end up using something that you may not own.” — Stewart Devlin

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