The Übercuteness of Kun-I Chang

ADC Member gets "quirky and cute" for Illustration Month


We’ve come to the end of the first week of ADC’s Illustration Month, and we’re sure you’ll agree that is has been a wonderful way to begin the new year! ff you’re new around here, Illustration Month is where we shine a spotlight on ADC Members who consider themselves illustrators, whether professionals, students or just really keen amateurs. The common thread is that they have a passion for drawing that just couldn’t be contained.

We’re wrapping up the week with a New York based designer who knew what he wanted to be since he first stepped into art school.

headshot01KUN-I CHANG

Long Island City, NY | |


Just about every kid can draw, but not every kid is particularly gifted at it. Where did your childhood artistic inclinations come from?

I had great support from my family, but not so much in school. At that time, studying art was not considered to be such an such an “adult” thing to do.

When did you discover that “Hey, this could actually be a career”?

As soon as I decided to go to art school!

How would you best describe your style? Do you fight against having a particular style, or do you embrace your style as your “brand”?

Quirky and cute. I love my style and I’m not afraid to embrace it. I have been working in the commercial/advertising world for many years and I’ve compromised on the style because each job has its own purpose, so when it comes to my personal creation, I just do whatever my instinct takes me to.

Walk us through your usual creative process.

I do some simple and childish sketches at first, then I just go ahead and draw it on my computer. If there’s animation involved, there will be more thorough planning.

Tools of the trade: do you have any specific pens, pencils or other instruments that you swear by?

I’m happy with Adobe CC and any kind of pen.

What is the most challenging thing about a career in illustration?

I’ve never considered myself a full-time illustrator because I have many other focuses such as character design, animation and motion graphics. I think one of the biggest challenges for me is sometimes I just can’t draw the images that’s in my mind.( although the results still look good)

Is there a particular project of yours of which you’re especially proud?

I’m proud of all my children, but The Pantless Project might be the one that will stand out because of the time and detail that I have put in.

Cocktail party talk: how do you describe what you do to someone who isn’t in a creative field, and what’s the typical response you get from them?

Me: I create fun, cute and lovable illustrations and animations.

Them: cool…

Where do you most often seek out creative inspiration?

In daily silly conversations between me and my wife.

Which professional illustrators do you look up to and why? 

Joan Cornellà, it’s just so sick and awesome.

Illustration Month continues throughout January, and is open exclusively to ADC Members. Not yet a Member? Join today!