1. ADC Portfolio Night Chicago

  2. ADC Portfolio Night Chicago

  3. ADC Portfolio Night Boston

  4. ADC Portfolio Night Boston

  5. ADC Portfolio Night Boston

  6. ADC Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno (L) and J. Walter Thompson ECD Frédéric Bonn (R) flank Portfolio Night New York All-Stars winner Max Friedman

  7. ADC Portfolio Night New York

  8. ADC Portfolio Night New York

  9. ADC Portfolio Night New York

  10. ADC Portfolio Night Chicago

  11. ADC Portfolio Night Paris

  12. ADC Portfolio Night Paris

  13. ADC Portfolio Night Paris

  14. ADC Portfolio Night Budapest All-Stars winner Nika Gujejiani

  15. ADC Portfolio Night Budapest

  16. ADC Portfolio Night Montreal

  17. ADC Portfolio Night Montreal

  18. ADC Portfolio Night Montreal

  19. ADC Portfolio Night Singapore

  20. ADC Portfolio Night Singapore All-Stars winner Cindy Roselina

  21. ADC Portfolio Night Singapore

  22. ADC Portfolio Night Toronto

  23. ADC Portfolio Night Toronto

  24. ADC Portfolio Night Toronto

  25. ADC Portfolio Night Berlin

  26. ADC Portfolio Night Berlin

  27. ADC Portfolio Night Berlin All-Stars winner Johannes Guldner

The Stars Come Out At Night

Portfolio Night 13 brings together thousands of young creatives, names 24 All-Stars

One week ago today, as the sun set on 24 cities across the globe, ADC Portfolio Night — the world’s largest advertising portfolio review — unfolded for more than a thousand aspiring young copywriters, art directors, designers, technologists and other advertising creatives. Their goal: to show their portfolios to hundreds of esteemed creative directors, get some advice, make some connections and contacts, and work towards landing a new job (or their first job) in this crazy world we call advertising.

“Portfolio Night might happen in places as disparate as Budapest and Boston, but there’s a common element throughout the globe,” says Sarah West, Portfolio Night’s Global Manager, who herself ventured thousands of miles to attend the Hong Kong event. “That’s because no matter where you are, amazing young people need guidance, agencies and creative directors need fresh new talent, and somewhere in the middle of it all, Portfolio Night has a home, and has been there for now thirteen incredible years.”

While countless young creatives received surprising praise and sobering advice, 24 incredibly gifted participants — one from every city — finished their evening with an extra-special treat that could change the course of their careers. These very lucky and very talented young men and women were selected as the ADC Portfolio Night All-Stars winners in their respective cities!


These 24 All-Stars will be packing their bags for the creative adventure of a lifetime, as they all travel to New York City this August to work together on a real project for a world famous brand, with the guidance of the global offices of J. Walter Thompson and the support of Shutterstock and Twitter.

“I can’t begin to express how incredible the All-Stars experience has been, for the attendees as well as for us here at ADC,” says Brendan Watson, ADC Director of Partnerships. “We are bringing together young people of different nationalities, cultures and languages — the one common denominator is that they are all extremely talented creatives. They will use that creativity to bridge any other divides and collaborate in a way they’ve never done before or will likely do again. And at the end of the week, they leave New York with an amazing addition to their CV and 23 new friends from across the globe.”

ADC Portfolio Night All-Stars 2015 takes place August 3–7 at the ADC Gallery in New York City. For more information, please contact Brendan Watson at brendan@adcglobal.org