The Life of Pablo — Artist in Residence

ADC Young Guns 2016 winner Pablo Delcan named Levine/Leavitt Artist in Residence

Last night’s ADC Young Guns 2016 Awards Ceremony + Party was bolder, brasher and most definitely louder than ever before, as 30 creative individuals and duos were feted in grand fashion. And for the third consecutive year, international artists management agency Levine/Leavitt named a new Young Guns winner as its Artist in Residence. This year’s honor fell upon New York based graphic designer and art director Pablo Delcan.

“This year’s Young Guns winners are an exceptional group, and among many gems, it was Pablo’s work that grabbed our attention straight away,” explained Jeff Levine, Founder of Levine/Leavitt. “Beyond being multi-talented as a designer, animator and illustrator, his work is not just aesthetically beautiful; it’s compelling, experimental and he has a rare ability to synthesize these qualities with a signature that carries through his portfolio. We can also see that he has opportunities to do much more.”

For his part, Pablo is pretty excited about his good fortune. “I’m thrilled to be part of this year’s list of Young Guns,” he says. “Much of what I do as a designer is throwing work out into the world, often not knowing how it is perceived or acknowledged. I’m very honored that my peers in the industry decided to award that work and the person behind it.”

Levine/Leavitt Co-Founder Jeff Levine; ADC Young Guns 2016 winner Pablo Delcan —Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock

Levine/Leavitt Co-Founder Jeff Levine (L) ADC Young Guns 2016 winner Pablo Delcan. PHOTO CREDIT: Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock

This has been a long and adventurous creative journey for Pablo, whose career as a designer began in Spain. “I’ve been following the footsteps of my parents,” he explains. “My father is also a designer, animator and director, working mostly in the advertising industry, while my mother is a painter and installation artist. As a kid I was always designing concert posters and album covers for the local rock bands. We would print cheap black and white posters and plaster the town with them. I loved it, the functional aspect of it but also the sense of authorship that came from it.”

As the song says, “If you make it here, you can make it anywhere,” and eventually Pablo made the move to the Big Apple. “My father was working in New York City and had just been invited to teach a class at the School of Visual Arts,” he explains. “It took me almost half a year to decide to come to New York. I had also been thinking about going to Barcelona. In the end, I came here at the age of 19, and through my time in art school I quickly started becoming obsessed with this profession.”

Last night’s accolades were a great addition to Pablo’s resume, but more important to this young designer than awards and dream projects is the collection of people he’s worked with over the years. “My first job out of school was working with the incredible graphic designer Carin Goldberg, which was followed by designing book covers at Knopf with Peter Mendelsund,” he reminisces. “I’ve partnered with artist [and ADC Young Guns 3 winner] Brian Rea on many animation projects, collaborating with Gail Bichler on covers for The New York Times Magazine, working with Peter Buchanan-Smith [another ADC Young Guns 3 winner] at Best Made Co., and the list goes on. I’ve been very lucky to surround myself with such talented and generous people.”

So what’s in store for Pablo under the guidance of Levine/Leavitt? “While his accomplishments at this stage of his career are impressive, Pablo is just getting started,” says Jeff, “We, along with our Artist In Residence Board of Advisors, are definitely looking forward to working with him.”