The Exquisite Book

The Exquisite Book was published in September 2010 by Chronicle Books, and features 100 artists (many of them Young Guns!) playing a collaborative game based on “The Exquisite Corpse.” The book was also designed by Young Guns 6 team Also!

The Young Guns featured are:
Esther Pearl Watson (YG1)
Sophia Martineck (YG8)
Deanne Cheuk (YG4)
The Little Friends of Printmaking (YG5)
Brian Rea (YG3)
Jennifer Daniel (YG8)
Isaac Tobin (YG7)
Mike Perry (YG6)
Nick Dewar (YG2)
Leif Parsons (YG5)
Labour (YG6)
Jim Stoten (YG7)
Laura Ljungvist (YG1)
Claudia Pearson (YG1)