Strangers: Sean Buckelew

YG Winners team up as friends for unfamiliar creative outputs in a new anthology.

Late Night Work Club presents STRANGERS from Late Night Work Club on Vimeo.

We often-and more than we’d like to admit-keep in the know with our ADC Members via social media. When we spotted a tweet from YG Sean Buckelew about a new animated short he’d been working on, we were delighted that Twitter hadn’t lost all of its relevancy and we of course DMed Sean to quell our curiosity. As it turns out, there were other YG winners involved, including Alex Grigg and Nicolas Ménard. Sean was gracious enough to share the full anthology, of which “Strangers” is the second anthology from the Late Night Work Club collective, including new films from Loup Blaster, Jeanette Bonds, Sean Buckelew, Alex Grigg, Kirsten Lepore, Nicolas Ménard & Caleb Wood with interstitial animation by Charles Huettner and original music by Skillbard, David Kamp, SCNTFC & more. “Strangers” marks the second full release from the collective with seven new and diverse films from filmmakers located all over the world. In keeping with the tradition of the first collection of films “Ghost Stories”, which premiered online on September 3rd, 2013, “Strangers” will eschew a more traditional festival style release and instead will be made available to everyone everywhere online today, followed by IRL screenings across the globe.

What we love so much about our ADC Members aside from their talents, hard work and hustle is seeing their creative evolution. With regards to Young Guns especially, to be blown away by their work before the cubes are handed out and to see what they come up with next is truly brilliant-and when they come together of their own accord to create beautiful work like this, we feel the connections made here are unlike anywhere else. Maybe we’re getting a bit sentimental, what with the ADC 96th Annual Awards coming up and reflecting back on almost 100 years of discovering and maintaining ways to help creatives showcase their craft, but to our point, Sean says:


It feels great working with friends and fellow Young Guns winners. Even though we’re collaborating on a big anthology, we’re spending most of our time working alone, doubting whether any of this is worth the time and effort. So I think it’s all about the trust that everyone in the crew is going to knock it out of the park. You push yourself way harder than if you were alone, knowing your film will sit in some really good company! This anthology will screen for a while, then I think we all go our seperate ways. And then eventually, an email from LNWC will come in the middle of the night and it’ll all start over.

If their MO is to be taken for fact, we are sure Sean will be getting that email sooner than later. After all, strangers are just the friends we haven’t made yet.

Link to the full anthology here.