Stefanie Weigler & David Heasty: Wrong Color Subway

ADC Young Guns winners delight and confuse with a new transit poster

In the world of public transit, there are few things more iconic than the MTA subway map. This New York staple has gone through more iterations than the subway itself — and of course design aficionados hold in high regard the versions created by the late great ADC Hall of Fame laureate Massimo Vignelli.

Brooklyn-based designer and ADC Young Guns 8 winner Stefanie Weigler has also dabbled in creating more artistic versions of the map, designing a single-color version alongside creative partner a Young Guns 4 winner David Heasty in 2010 that was deliberately both aesthetically pleasing and difficult to read. Six years later, they are back with a new take — the Wrong Color Subway Map.

Keeping with the contradictory goals of making a piece of art that is both beautiful and confusing, the new maps are available in blindingly bright colors — a sleek RGB edition with neon red waterways and blue parks, and a cheerful CMYK version with a whole lot of yellow. Of course the subway lines are also completely miscolored, assuring you’ll never get to your destination.

Both maps are available as giant, high-quality prints, perfect for livening up any room and for baffling anyone who is only starting to figure out where the A train goes. But hey, at least they included the soon-to-be-opened 2nd Avenue line!