Stefan Sagmeister: Happy Show at ICA in Philadelphia

Stefan Sagmeister’s (YG1) ongoing documentary project, The Happy Film, has spun off into a new exhibition under the same name at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. “The Philadelphia exhibition, which features an extended trailer for the film and a virtual funhouse of didactic interactive displays, functions much less like a design show than like an three-dimensional glimpse into Mr. Sagmeister’s travels in self-improvement,” said New York Times writer Randy Kennedy in an article that ran this week.

Visit ICA’s website for details on this exhibition, which is on display through August 12, 2012 before continuing on to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

About The Happy Film: The Happy Film takes a look at the strategies serious psychologists recommend to improve one’s personal well-being and overall happiness. The questions “Is it possible to train our mind in the same way that we train our bodies?” and “Can we change our behavior to make us happier?” will be answered in this highly visual documentary. Designer Stefan Sagmeister will try out a long list of various strategies – from the sublime to the ridiculous –and report back on the results.

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