Stefan G. Bucher : Everything Is Going Exactly As Planned

ADC Young Guns 4 winner goes back to the future

Alright, so the new Terminator reboot-slash-sequel didn’t exactly make a lot of noise at the box office this weekend. We guess that to do time travel action/adventure right, you have to call on a Young Gun.

Earlier this year, west coast-based designer and ADC Young Guns 4 winner Stefan G. Bucher presented “Everything Is Going Exactly As Planned”, an exhibit that followed his life and career, from birth until his mysterious disappearance in 2075 — 60 years into the future.

“The point of the show was to create a future more than the future,” said Stefan upon looking back (at looking forward). “I wish I had such absolute control of my life that I could just will things into being specifically. As it is, my main mission was to create a fun speculative timeline to amuse visitors to the show. It’s an extrapolation of my present into an increasingly implausible future. That said, I definitely used the process to explore what I’d like to do with the next forty, fifty years.”

 “I wish I had such absolute control of my life that I could just will things into being specifically.”

This artificially constructed future wasn’t just a an excretes in whimsy. “Beyond being part of the exhibit, all the future work is a big wish list of clients and subject matters,” says Stefan. “I’d love to design an airline identity, for example, or get involved in some serious space-based projects. We’ll see what actually comes to pass. Some very interesting new things have just popped up on my radar, so I might have manifested things with this show. Maybe I’m living “The Secret.”

“Also, if anybody is in touch with Conan O’Brien, will you please let him know that I have his future guitar?”