SCW 2: Mural Design with Jayson Atienza

Every Spring and Fall the ADC has the pleasure of hosting high-school students and creative professionals for the six-week Saturday Career Workshop series. Jayson Atienza, a freelance creative director/art director and artist, led the second class of 2013.

Jayson took us through his career path, from working as a creative director for BBDO to rediscovering his love of painting and setting off on his own as a freelance creative director and designer. Jayson is frequently approached by brands to adapt his recognizable painting style to different venues and products, like this very chill skateboard ramp:

The project of the day, inspired by Jayson’s own paint-anything approach, was to design a mural for a specific location. The students split into teams and picked assignments out of a hat—technically a bike helmet—and after a short sketching period began to execute their design on big sheets of butcher paper.

Pamela, Moises, Monifa and Monica worked on a mural for a boulder in Yosemite Park. “The branches and roots spread out into our own styles, but they are connected by the trunk,” the group explained.

Another team designed a mural for the inside of a Venice Beach skate park, with the name of the park ballooning out of a paint can. Nobody in the group skateboards. “But I’ve tried!” exclaimed Adriana.

Next up: design the side of a plane for Virgin Airways. Tiffany, Steven, Shahaada and Michele each worked on a letter but collaborated on the ‘I’s. They transformed the letters into characters with lots of breezy wings and clouds

What would Jay-Z want to see painted on the wall of his hallway? Florencia, Juan Pablo, Carlos, Devan and Nicolette decided… probably his own face. “We thought of it as if we were actually designing for him and had to impress him,” said Nicolette.

I’m impressed.

And finally, a herd of animals to adorn the walls of the Bronx Zoo in this design by Andrew, Dhaahbaa, Veronica and Rinay.

Not only talented artists, but photogenic as well.