School Spotlight: University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Featuring the Faculty of Design

Today we feature our German comrades in the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg in Augsburg, Germany. Their students answered our questions, which gives you a unique and truly authentic glimpse into this School Spotlight from the best perspective there is: the folks who are currently studying for their degrees at this University. Let’s hear what they have to share.


ADC: What makes the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Faculty of Design stand apart from others of its kind?

It is the special sense of tradition and design thinking that makes the spirit in Augsburg unique.

What Gianluca Luciani, an exchange student from Venice, noticed shortly after arriving in Augsburg, is indeed a big asset of the Design Faculty. Founded in 1710 as one of the oldest Art Schools in Germany, it has acquired a reputation in type design and printing techniques. But more interesting is what the Design School has built on that legacy: It has become the biggest of Bavarias Design Schools and it is now a place where design students not only learn the fundamentals in visual art and design, but also different approaches to problem solving and design thinking. Especially the graduate courses, which aim to give students the skills they need to manage design and innovation at a strategic level.

Another asset that Master student Manuela discovered is the new, perfectly equipped university building: “What I find most intriguing are excellent studios and labs to realize advanced design projects,” she said. Being part of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Design regularly works on interdisciplinary cooperations in the field of communication and technology – with an increasing international focus. An “International Module of Design” in English has been set up, which gives students from abroad a bunch of opportunities to study and to do research in a vibrant German environment.

ADC: Could we hear a bit more about one particular student’s experience?

Sure! Katharina Schiessler (who won an ADC Gold Cube in 2014) said, “During my semester abroad, I have realized the high level of our typography courses compared to many other schools. In Augsburg, we are excellently supervised and supported by the academic teaching staff. Moreover our workshops and labs (photo studio, lead set, silk-screen printing, etc.) are very well equipped and a lot of interesting workshops, lectures and field trips are being offered every term. Very fascinating are the different areas of expertise in ‘communication design’ and interactive media one can dive in. Beside that we have a very creative atmosphere on campus due to the many design students who are working and studying together.”

During my semester abroad, I have realized the high level of our typography courses compared to many other schools.


ADC: That’s fantastic! And congratulations on the Cube win this year. Who are a few other top alumni that we should check out?

Sebastian Onufszak, Augsburg (Germany)

Markus Hofko, Auckland (New Zealand)

Daniel Scheibel, NYC (USA)

ADC: What about faculty? Could you name a few of the folks who make this academic experience possible?

Prof. Andreas Kunert, Dean; Prof. Kai Bergmann, Vice-Dean; Prof. Mike Loos, Dean of Studies; Prof. Stefan Bufler, Academic Advisor for Communication Design; and Prof. Dr. Thomas Rist, Academic Advisor for Interactive Media.

ADC: What kind of clubs do your students participate in on campus?

They engage with ADC Germany and DDC Germany.


ADC: And the best news of the day? How much is tuition?


Learn more about the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Design at or on Facebook, and stay tuned for the next School Spotlight!