School Spotlight: London College of Communication

... at University Of The Arts London

In honor of the gray drizzle falling from the skies outside ADC Global Headquarters in New York City today, our next School Spotlight feature is our friends across the pond at the London College of Communication at University of the Arts London

In this case, we were lucky to hear from a variety of staff and students at London College of Communication, all of whom shared their knowledge and opinions to help us to better understand the school.

ADC: How would you describe the London College of Communication?

Natalie Brett, Head of London College of Communication and Pro Vice-Chancellor of University of the Arts London:  London College of Communication (LCC), part of University of the Arts London, is a pioneering world leader in design and media education. We work at the cutting edge of new thinking and developments in the communications sector to prepare our students for successful careers in the creative industries of the future.

Innovation and the articulation of ideas are central to the LCC experience and our ethos is learning by doing. We believe you should get your hands dirty and our students develop their creative skills in our outstanding technical facilities, which include photographic and television studios, darkrooms, gallery spaces, sound design and interactive media and animation suites, broadcast and printing studios, and newsrooms.

Innovation and the articulation of ideas are central to the LCC experience and our ethos is learning by doing.

Our courses are industry-focused and our students are taught by an inspiring community of experienced academics, technical experts and leading specialist practitioners. Our students are often commissioned to work on live projects for major companies, such as Nike, National Trust, BFI and Nokia. Our graduates go on to lead and inform the creative industries of their generation and include award winning filmmakers, journalists, broadcasters, designers and photographers.


ADC: Who are your most notable faculty members?

We would note Professor Lawrence Zeegan, Head of School of Design and Karin Askham, Head of School of Media.

ADC: And perhaps the most important point of view, a student’s. What would one of your students say about the school?

Hildegard Titus, BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography student: If I could describe London College of Communication in three words it would be: Surprising, Supportive and Inspiring. Everyone here is really friendly, and I’m not just saying that – they genuinely are. If you need someone to help you with your work or assist in any way with a creative project, you can always find a volunteer who’s happy to help. The tutors are really inspiring as well, and you can tell that they really want you to succeed.; whenever there’s an opportunity in your field, they’re the first ones to tell you about it. There are always exhibitions taking place and I love seeing what other people produce and how creative they are. It inspires me to be just as ambitious and creative too. Everyone here is so talented, but so unique at the same time.

Everyone here is so talented, but so unique at the same time.


ADC: Well, that sounds like a promising environment! But if there is one thing, tangible or intangible, that makes your program stand out from the rest, what would it be?

David Sims, Programme Director, Graphic Communication: We’ve established a substantial community of learners and are committed to sharing our staff expertise as educators, researchers and practitioners, nationally and internationally. For students and staff, the final product is not the goal, it is the exploration, thinking and learning along the way that matters. Learning is about discovery, interaction and change, enabling all members of the School’s community to engage in debate and articulate ideas and motivations intelligently.

ADC: Now, what was the coolest or most arresting application you ever received at LCC?

We’re continually surprised and inspired by the creativity of our student applications. Any portfolio or personal statement that expresses fresh ideas, enthusiasm and passion is guaranteed to excite us.

ADC: Our community might recognize some of your top graduates. Could you name a few?

Bonnie Wright
Actress, Model and Founder of screenwriting, direction and production company Bon Bon Lumiere


Simon Clowes
Emmy award-winner and Creative Director at Prologue Films in Venice, California


Eddie Opara
Partner at Pentagram, New York


ADC: Well, we certainly do! Mr. Eddie Opara was one of our design judges in the ADC 92nd Annual Awards season, and we love him!

Now last, but certainly not least, the financials. What does tuition cost at LCC?

£7,500 – £15,180

To learn more about the London College of Communication at University of the Arts London, visit, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, and stay tuned for the next School Spotlight!