School of Craft: Pablo Gnecco Plays With Light

ADC Member builds an interactive light installation

Have you ever been to a concert or a nighttime street event where some wild light projections were happening and thought “wow, how’d they do that?” Or better yet, did you think “wow, how can I do that?!”

School of Craft, ADC’s new educational initiative created in partnership with Skillfeed, has been sharing knowledge with the ADC community and beyond, using creative and engaging tutorials. And for this particular tutorial, we will be giving viewers a taste of the crazy world of ADC Member Pablo Gnecco, to show just how you can begin creating your own light shows.

“Today I’m here to help you learn how to build an interactive installation with some very simple tools. ”
— Pablo Gnecco

Pablo is a motion designer and experiential artist, and his tutorial is entitled “Building an Interactive Installation”. In the video, Pablo shows how even a relative newcomer to digital installations can harness the power of free software and readily available equipment to produce your very own moving light show. While some knowledge of programs such as Adobe After Effects will go a long way towards creating a moving masterpiece, this tutorial also aims to inspire people to use the items around them to create art.

ADC School of Craft is free to all ADC Members and friends for 30 days, along with more than 45,000 other video tutorials available on Skillfeed.

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