School of Craft: A Shot Of Life To A Hungry Vein

ADC Young Guns winner talks about merging your vision with that of your clients

Is there room for personal artistic expression within the guidelines and boundaries set by a client?

School of Craft, ADC’s new educational initiative in partnership with Skillfeed, sets out to answer such questions, with members of the ADC community featured in digestible tutorials that will educate and enlighten. Among our amazing teachers are a selection of esteemed ADC Young Guns winners, including YG11 winner Lauren Indovina.

“What do you do if your vision in storytelling is a bit different, if it doesn’t adhere to the brand’s box and its structure? ”
— Lauren Indovina

Lauren is a Creative Director and Designer at New York’s PSYOP,  and has been responsible for countless award-winning commercials, music videos, and television and film graphics. Her distinct, haunting style has led brands and concepts that might not have seemed like a natural fit, and it’s this artistic juxtaposition that is highlighted in her School of Craft tutorial entitled “A Shot of Life to a Hungry Vein”. In the video, Lauren provides tips on how to achieve the near-impossible balance between what you, as an artist, want to design, and what your clients want designed.

ADC School of Craft is free to all ADC Members and friends for 30 days, along with more than 45,000 other video tutorials available on Skillfeed.

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