School of Craft: Joe Johnson Composes for Picture

ADC Young Guns winner gives a step-by-step look at scoring for film

What does sound bring to a picture? More importantly, what does a sound designer bring to a picture?

ADC School of Craft, our new educational initiative created in partnership with Skillfeed, answers such questions, with members of the ADC community featured in short but engaging tutorials that will educate and enlighten. Our School of Craft teachers include a selection of esteemed ADC Young Guns winners, among which is YG11 winner Joe Johnson.

“Music brings character, story and emotions. The director or composer can decide how to manipulate them, how to weave them in and out of each other, in order to evoke certain feelings.”
— Joe Johnson

Joe is a highly accomplished composer and sound designer. In his School of Craft tutorial entitled “Composing for Picture”, Joe covers all the basics that composers need to know, from how to communicate effectively with the rest of the creative team, to how to trust and sharpen your instincts, to polishing up a final product. This tutorial is a must for any artist considering composing music for film projects, but it also gives film directors a fascinating look into a world that they may only know from the sidelines.

ADC School of Craft is free to all ADC Members and friends for 30 days, along with more than 45,000 other video tutorials available on Skillfeed.

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