School of Craft: Dejha Ti goes from pixels to bricks

ADC Member teaches the ins and outs of projection mapping from a designer's perspective

Projection mapping is a complicated meshing together of technologies in order to create something beautiful. How does a decidedly non-techie designer begin to wrap their head around it all?

ADC School of Craft, our educational initiative created in partnership with Skillfeed, continues here on the ADC blog, featuring members of the ADC community in engaging yet easy to absorb creative tutorials. The latest video in the spotlight comes from ADC Member Dejha Ti.

“When concepting, it’s really important that you don’t consider the technical limitations that the technology is going to impose… first dream, and then consult reality.”
— Dejha Ti

Dejha is a Philadelphia-based multidisciplinary designer and director who has crafted numerous large scale projection mapping projects. In her School of Craft tutorial entitled “From Pixels to Bricks: Digital Projection Mapping”, Dejha walks us through all of the steps involved in one of her real-world projects, educating designers on everything from concepting initial ideas to working with engineers in a language creatives and techies both understand. Dehja also creates a small scale project for viewers to try on their own, as a hands-on introduction into this exciting world.

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