School of Craft: Alex Trochut goes from styles to ideas

ADC Young Guns 6 winner walks us through his creative process

What path do you take on your way to a great idea?

We’ve reached the end of the first season of ADC School of Craft, our educational initiative created in partnership with Skillfeed featuring members of the ADC community in engaging yet easy to absorb creative tutorials. In the final video to be spotlighted, we go out with a bang with ADC Young Guns 6 winner Alex Trochut.

“… I would like to explain how experimentation and getting lost in the process can help you to define that idea.”
— Alex Trochut


Although the name of Alex’s School of Craft tutorial is “Binary Printing” — based on one of the accomplished graphic designer’s more adventurous projects — this video only touches on the techniques, using them to illustrate Alex’s creative process. That process itself is fascinating, and will definitely inspire you to think about things before you think about your big idea.

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