School of Craft: Alex Daly – Crowdsourceress

ADC Member leads a crash course in the art of crowdfunding

Having a phenomenal idea is one thing. Getting the funds to make that idea a reality is another thing altogether.

ADC School of Craft and Skillfeed continue with their ongoing educational initiative, sharing knowledge with the ADC community and beyond, by way of short but intriguing tutorials. In the latest featured video, self- described ‘crowd sourceress’ and ADC Member Alex Daly discusses the tips and tricks of crowdfunding your various creative projects and business endeavors.

“Getting that goal, reaching that number is a really, really spectacular feeling.”
— Alex Daly

Alex is no stranger to this world; her company Vann Alexandra has successfully steered crowdfunding campaigns to the tune of over $8.2 million. In her tutorial entitled “Lessons in Crowdfunding”, Alex covers everything from producing an impactful video to getting the word out about your project.

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