Saturdays are meant for learning

ADC Saturday Career Workshop Fall 2014 season opens tomorrow

It’s Education Month on the ADC Blog, and while most people think of college or post-grad schools when it comes to creative arts learning, you might be surprised to discover that ADC’s scope also reaches down to the high school level. Founded in 1997 in partnership with the School Art League and New York Board of Education, ADC Saturday Career Workshops have been educating talented high school juniors from all five of New York’s boroughs.

“The Saturday Career Workshops are a special joy for us at ADC,” says Brendan Watson, ADC Director of Education. “It’s a perfect opportunity to open the eyes of young teens to the possibility of a career in visual arts. All of the registered attendees have displayed a knack for creative expression at their respective schools, and their teachers and parents felt that such a program could play a small part in pursuing a dream that they might not have known was reachable.”

“Ideas will flourish and weakness will be pounded into submission.”

— Rich Tu

ADC Saturday Career Workshops Fall 2014 classes begin tomorrow morning with ADC Young Guns 8 winner (and ADC School of Craft teacher) Rich Tu. Entitled “Introduction to Poster Design” Rich will lead a crash course on effective poster design, where students will receive feedback through rounds of concepts, and be charged with creating final imagery under realistic working conditions. It will be fast-paced, collaborative, and fun. “Ideas will flourish and weakness will be pounded into submission,” jokes Rich.

The Fall 2014 classes run every Saturday morning from tomorrow until November 22, and are made possible by a grant from the Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation.