Saturday Career Workshops: Animation with Daniel Savage

ADC Young Gun Daniel Savage visited the club last week to host an animation class for the SCW students. Dan took a circuitous route to animation, his attention moving from cartoons to percussion to graphic design to motion design and back to cartoons again. As an animator, he’s worked for a wide variety of people and organizations, including Comedy Central, Google, and Kanye West, who exclaimed,
“Retarded dope!” after seeing the graphics Dan created for West’s “Glow in the Dark” tour.

Saturday’s project was centered around creating animated GIF’s. A GIF is a primitive
form of looping animation made by combining several images into a single GIF file.
Each student drew a sequence of up to 30 frames, which they brought to life by photographing and animating using the Gif Shop iPhone app designed by Dan.

Check out our crazy GIF’s on the workshop’s dedicated tumblr blog: