Sam Stuchbury: Retro Kiwi

New Zealand-based ADC Member chats about his upstart agency

Sitting in the middle of Manhattan, we admit that sometimes we seem to be a little New York-centric. The reality, however, is that ADC Members are located in every corner of the world — even the farthest, southernmost corners of the creative world.

Case in point: meet Sam Stuchbury, a New Zealand-based ADC Member who has started his own advertising agency in Auckland. Called Motion Sickness, Sam and his small band of misfits are shaking things up in the land Down Under-er. We caught up with Sam to hear his story.

What drew you to the advertising world, especially way down in your corner of the globe?

I love creating beautiful things that tell a story. I feel there is a huge opportunity to create meaningful creative and content that actually connects with audiences. Although, yes, it’s an ad, people can still enjoy it and really get something out of it. Being based in New Zealand is incredible; there are so many brilliant businesses here to work with and we have found the business community to be very supportive. Also being in such a beautiful place makes shooting visually compelling content much easier.

What made you start your own agency?

I co-founded Motion Sickness in my last year of study at the University of Otago, south New Zealand. I felt that there was an opportunity in the market for a creative agency with a fresh young team specialising in Social Media and Content production. I also really didn’t want to work for anyone else, so I was keen to start my own business.

What’s that experience been like so far?

So far we’ve had an awesome journey. Our business and client base is growing really well. We are focusing on creating really great works for a select group of clients. We don’t want to lose quality and care as we scale. The businesses and people we meet are an inspiration, and to be invited to be a part of their business it a real privilege. I also get a real kick out of seeing people engage with the work we create. Watching work you’ve made explode online is a really great feeling.

“I also get a real kick out of seeing people engage with the work we create. Watching work you’ve made explode online is a really great feeling.”

So… what’s the deal with the outfits?


Sam Stuchbury

After seeing every company do awkward staged headshots we decided to do things a little differently. It’s our satirical take on shitty corporate photos and promo marketing videos.

In terms of fashion and styling, we were inspired by the fast times of the 80’s business world. We weren’t however channeling the slick look of Wall Street; it was more about capturing the real-life outcome of fashion’s trickle down — real people, dressed for work, who might have missed a beat.

All clothes were vintage, or sourced through family members — genuine 80’s items. Each team member chose their own outfit, resulting in an interesting (slightly bad taste) interpretation of their modern day style.

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