Rare For a Reason: The ADC 95th Annual Awards Campaign

BBDO New York shows "value in scarcity"

Did you know that more people are killed by elephants each year than there are ADC Cubes awarded? That’s just one of the fascinating facts in BBDO New York‘s campaign for the ADC 95th Annual Awards. Entitled “Rare For A Reason”, the beautifully designed campaign highlights uncommon occurrences, while noting that an ADC Cube is an even rarer honor.

“There is value in scarcity,” explains Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer of BBDO New York. “In an industry that is deluged with awards and in a world where everyone gets a trophy just for showing up, we wanted to remind people that winning an ADC Cube is a fucking hard achievement.”

“…winning an ADC Cube is a fucking hard achievement.”

The campaign comes to life in a series of wonderfully crafted images by some of the industry’s top illustrators, type designers and visual artists, including ADC Young Guns winners Jordan Bruner, Eiko Ojala, Nicholas Misani and Kelsey Dake, as well as acclaimed photographer Billy Siegrist. Like the ADC Annual Awards itself, every element exemplifies the intersection of idea and craft.


Additional artists and elements will be added over the coming months as we head towards the category deadlines in January and February.