Radioman Rocks the ADC’s BUTTER Series

Ever since its debut last September, BUTTER: A Night of Pop Culture and Popcorn — the monthly movie night at the Art Directors Club Gallery — has attracted lots of ADC members and guests, all out for a little beer and wine, a lot of popcorn, and a number of great flicks. Last night, a bonafide celebrity joined the usual BUTTER crowd of designers, photographers and film buffs… albeit one of the most unlikely celebrities ever to grace our West 29th St. digs.

This month’s BUTTER film was Radioman, the highly acclaimed 2012 documentary by director Mary Kerr and producer Paul Fischer of Ten Cent Adventures. Radioman is the remarkable story of Craig “Radioman” Castaldo, a formerly homeless man who has become a fixture of the New York film industry. Armed with a bulky radio hanging from his neck, Radioman rides his trusty steed — a beat up but sturdy Schwinn bicycle — visiting film and television shoots across the city on a near daily basis. After more than twenty years and countless pedaled miles, Radioman has become friends with just about everybody in the entire industry, from grips and limo drivers to A-listers like Tom Hanks and George Clooney. He can also be seen in as an extra or in bit parts in over 100 productions.

Kerr and Fischer were scheduled to attend the screening, but delays at Heathrow Airport kept the duo stranded in the UK. But as the audience settled into the Fatboy beanbag chairs to watch the movie, they heard a bit of murmuring from the back of the room. They turned to give the customary “shhh!” that you might normally give during a screening… only to see that it was Radioman himself, radio and bike in tow, joining the guests.

After the film, Radioman participated in a short Q&A session with his close friend, actress Paula Raflo, before departing into the night, off to his next film project. Before he left, Radioman gave one piece of advice for anybody looking to make an impact, either in the film industry or in their daily lives. “You don’t need a bicycle or a radio, but you need to just follow your dreams. If anybody tries to discourage you or put you down, to hell with them. It might take time, you might not make money, but you’ll be so much happier in the end.”

NEXT AT BUTTER: The Iran Job, directed by Till Schauder, April 30, 2013