Primary Coffee Co: Interview with Mikey Burton

Primary Coffee Company recently interviewed Young Guns 8 winner Mikey Burton about the 5 objects he’d bring with him on a desert island and the biggest daily obstacles he faces as a creative. “I need to be completely slammed with work, completely overwhelmed to get everything done. If I only have one thing to do during the week, it’s going to take me all week to do it. If I have ten things to do in a day, I’m going to keep working until they’re done. The lack of work makes me lazy. I say I’ll just get it done later,” said Mikey. Read the interview in full here.

About Primary Coffee Company: Primary was built by a group of creatives who love two things a whole lot: pushing ourselves to grow by constantly making new things, and great coffee. The best part? The two go together nicely. We’re constantly posting interviews with our Creative Heroes about what they’ve learned along the way. We also have Community Studies, where you can share your creative rituals and find new ideas from others.

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