Ignacio Oreamuno steps down as ADC Executive Director


NEW YORK – July 21, 2015 —  It is both with pride and a tinge of sadness that we announce that, after three years of tireless devotion, Ignacio Oreamuno is stepping down from his role as ADC Executive Director.

When Ignacio picked up the torch of our organization in 2012, he was tasked with bringing newfound energy to the near century old institution. To say that he accomplished this goal would be an understatement; over the past three years Ignacio and his team injected new ideas and content into every aspect of the Club, while still holding true to ADC’s founding principles of elevating and celebrating the craftsmanship of commercial art. Together we raised the bar of what the Club could be.

As ADC approaches its 100-year milestone, we are proud to say that Ignacio leaves the Club with the building blocks in place to firmly plant our flag for the entire creative community. Whether you’re an active Member whose face we see at all of our events; a Cube winner whose achievements will be immortalized in ADC’s history; an ambitious design college student who is just beginning to forge a career; a Hall of Fame laureate whose accomplishments will be venerated for generations; or even if you’re just someone who likes a Twitter post of ours from time to time — there is a place for you in the ADC Community.

Please join us in thanking Ignacio for the past three years, and wishing him well in his next steps — which from what we understand will be an interesting adventure. In the meantime, the incredible ADC staff will continue to tirelessly serve you and the creative community, backed by an active board of directors that is committed to be hands-on participants in our industry’s future.


Philippe Meunier
Board of Directors President