Possession is 9/10ths of the Pride

ADC 95th Annual Awards Jury discuss prized possessions and achievements

The countdown is on as the ADC 95th Annual Awards prepares to host a phenomenal collection of men and women who will judge the past year of Advertising, Design, Digital, Motion and Innovation. Over the coming weeks, four separate juries will decide which entries will be awarded an exceedingly rare ADC Cube.

Last week, we had the jury discuss industry trends that excited them and bored them. For our final question ahead of the award submission deadline,  we decided to have a little fun in the spirit of our “Rare For a Reason” campaign, and ask the jury to share a rare possession or accomplishment that they’re proud of (or not so proud of).

Soren-Luckins“My rarest possession is a 1960s racing car that I’m restoring. It was built and raced by my uncle and my father. As it was a one-off and never been sold, it’s now a family heirloom.”

Soren Luckins
Director, BuroNorth (Australia)
Design Jury


YasuharuSasaki“How about the fact that I’ve worked for the same agency for 21 years? That’s pretty rare in this industry!”

Yasuharu Sasaki
Executive Creative Director / Head of Digital Creative, Dentsu (Japan)
Digital Jury


Kjell-Reenskaug“I have eaten Boknafish. It’s a crazy «delicatessen» of half dried and half fermented fish from the Lofoten Island.”

Kjell Reenskaug
Experience Design Director, Partner, Bleed (Norway)
Design Jury


EricaGorochow“I have a patent ;)”

Erica Gorochow
Freelance Director, Designer & Animator (USA)
Motion Jury


sarahwatson“My Alexander McQueen wedding dress. It is especially rare because it exposes your naked backside and I actually got married in it.”

Sarah Watson
Chief Strategy Officer, BBH New York (USA)
Advertising Jury



ShirinJohari“I suppose my most significant accomplishment till date has been the ‘The Hinglish Project’. Created for the Indian Ministry of Tourism, this was a unique typeface design that juxtaposed a Hindi character with its corresponding English Alphabet carrying the same phonetic sound. In every sense, this was a labour of love. It took nine months of intense hard work to conceptualise, design and complete and it’s real reward? To see thousands of foreigners and brands across the world actually use it to make sense of and connect a little deeper with India.”

Shirin Johari
Founder and Creative Head, Clap Global (India)
Advertising Jury

Nathan-Lavertue“”One item that I cherish is a bottle of Double Charred Whiskey from Hudson Whiskey. Typically, as we know, a cask is charred on the inside prior to the aging process. But in 2012 they suffered a fire in one of their warehouses. Only 100 of those casks survived the fire yielding only 2,760 bottles. We’re fortunate to have had three of them of which one remains unopened.”

Nathan Lavertue
Creative Director, VaynerMedia (USA)
Digital Jury

Preethi-Mariappan“Setting up and running Adwomen. Bringing together some of the smartest women in the industry, and running the group with absolutely no resources but their enthusiasm, time and goodwill to inspire young talent was the best accomplishment.”

Preethi Mariappan
Executive Creative Director, Razorfish Germany (Germany)
Digital Jury



renda-mortonRarest possession: my team. I don’t own them, but they’re a very rare group of talent people who I could not live without. “

Renda Morton
Product Design Director – Web Platform, The New York Times (USA)
Digital Jury


bradsmith“A piece of the Berlin Wall, and a mint Nolan Ryan rookie card.”

Brad Smith
Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated (USA)
Design Jury


saschalobe“I’ve always wanted to be a helicopter pilot and subsequently design a coherent airline branding. Maybe I should do that after the ADC jury!”

Sascha Lobe
Graphic Designer & Typographer, L2M3 Design (Germany)
Design Jury


NickDavidge“I hate talking about achievements, so I’ll go with my rarest possession, which is probably a Romano British Bronze Ring Circa 100–200 AD. It was found on an excavation on the Thames in Central London, probably the Embankment. My mum’s an antique dealer, so from an early age she’s always exposed me to strange and wonderful things.”

Nick Davidge
Executive Creative Director, Co-founder, GreenLight (USA)
Advertising Jury


Lu-Chekowsky“I have a very rare and wonderful cat who likes to sit upright on the couch like a person. He is magic and I am very lucky.”

Lu Chekowsky
Senior Vice President, Brand Creative, Comedy Central (USA)
Advertising Jury


ConorClarke“Practicing and teaching graphic design for over 30 years”

Conor Clarke
Director, Design Factory (Ireland)
Design Jury


AstridStavro“My rarest possession or accomplishment is surely not an award. This year we have won a D&AD Graphite Pencil for the most awarded design studio, as well as an ADC Silver Cube amongst many others, but to be honest — I would give them back immediately in exchange for a poster. For example, ex-Pentagram partner John McConnell kindly sent me a signed copy of his mythical Napoli poster the other week. I treasure this more than any award that I might have won.”

“Having said this, it is extraordinarily difficult to win a Cube. I mean it! It is an immense honour (and oh so bloody hard) to win a Cube. Something definitely worth celebrating big time!”

Astrid Stavro
Creative Director, Design by Atlas (Spain)
Design Jury

Yuki-Sugiyama“My rarest possessions are the stones I’ve collected from around the world. Each one is uniquely beautiful in color and pattern. I love spending time just looking at them and imagining that they’re not just ordinary stones, but tiny pieces of the earth and the entire galaxy.”

Yuki Sugiyama
Art Director, Hakuhodu (Japan)
Design Jury


Melatan-Riden“I’d have to say that my own rarest accomplishment is sitting through a combined 40 days of silent meditation. Yes, 40 days! What I’ve accomplished from that far exceeds what I’ve gained from most experiences.”

Melatan Riden
Design Director, TBWA\Chiat\Day (USA)
Digital Jury


joditerwilliger“My daughter is my greatest accomplishment. My rarest, most coveted possession is time.”

Jodi Terwilliger
Creative Director, HUSH (USA)
Motion Jury




The ADC 95th Annual Awards Call for Entries is almost over, with final Advertising and Innovation deadlines extended to Monday, February 15, 2016.