1. Hamming it up in Grand Central Station

  2. The All-Stars meet at JWT New York

  3. Sander van Dijk, Motion Designer, Buck

  4. Catching up the the colorful ADC Content Manager Brett McKenzie

  5. Gabriel Lavallée, PN12 Montreal and ,Stacy Randolph, PN12 Chicago.

  6. Mayank Bhayana, PN12 Mumbai

  7. Michael Collins, PN12 Minneapolis

  8. Dakota Page, PN12 Detroit

Portfolio Night All-Stars 2014: Halftime Show

The All-Stars present their ideas to JWT to make sure they're on the right track

The clock seemed to tick just a little bit faster, a little bit louder for our 24 creative heroes on the third day of Portfolio Night All-Stars 2014. Last year, Wednesday simply meant it was the halfway mark for the six teams; this time around, the All-Stars had to step their game up and present what they had so far to a room full of creative directors, whether or not they were confident with the ideas and directions they were working on.

Like all other mornings, Day Three began with light breakfast fare and heavy creative inspiration. Our guests that morning were creative director Thomas Schmid and motion designer Sander van Dijk, both from the award-winning production company Buck. Thomas and Sander used many examples of Buck’s creative process to help illustrate the importance of failure when striving for success. Some of Thomas and Sander’s work was sports-related, which really got the wheels turning in the heads of the PUMA-minded All-Stars.

“It’s time to focus on one idea and make it count.”

Kyle Schlinkert, Team SLIPSTREAM

But the most anticipated part of the day was yet to come. At 3 PM, the entire All-Stars squad gathered in Midtown East, at the hallowed global headquarters of JWT. They were treated to a tour of the offices (designed by renowned architect Clive Wilkinson), and afterwards, each team was brought into a boardroom to share their ideas with ECD Frederic Bonn and other JWT creative leaders. This was their big chance to get some solid advice, to kill bad ideas before they smothered the good ones, and to learn how to unite “tactics”  under one strategic umbrella.

“This was what we needed. They were very helpful and gave us lots of inspiration.”

Nóra Keszthelyi, Team ASHA
“Our focus was in the wrong place, but I think we know exactly what to do now.”

Grethe Meissner, Team MOSTRO

After all six teams presented in front of the JWT CDs, the All-Stars were treated to a party inside JWT’s café. And while the free-flowing open bar was a nice way to take some of the stress off of the day, the real plus for our double dozen was the opportunity to meet with all sorts of JWT staff, from creatives who work on PUMA to the agency’s recruiters (hey, they’re not going to have 24 amazing talents into their office without taking the time to get to know them!)

Finally, after all the advice and fun, the All-Stars walked over to Grand Central Station and into the night, some to rest, some to party, but all to formulate their game plan in the second half of the week.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Portfolio Night All-Stars goodness!