1. Kari Niles, Creative Director, Roar

  2. Just some of the All-Stars swag

  3. Rohan Fernandes, PN12 Paris

  4. Zack Kinslow, Creative Production Manager, ADC

  5. Brett McKenzie, Content Manager, ADC

Portfolio Night All Stars 2014: Contents Under Pressure

The heat is on as the double dozen approach the deadline

The 24 All-Stars may have had a fantastic Wednesday at the global headquarters of JWT, receiving creative direction as well as a much appreciated open bar meet and greet. But as the Thursday morning sun peeked through curtains and tired eyelashes, the liquid courage of the previous night was replaced by the stark realization that the six team now only had one full day before presenting in front of the top names of PUMA, JWTand Twitter… and they were far from ready.

Despite the looming deadline, the All-Stars were treated to a motivating breakfast presentation by Kari Niles, Creative Director from Roar, the brand new Publicis Groupe backed digital agency. Kari’s past life included a stint as an editor for Penguin Books, and it is from that experience that she shared the ten things she learned that have carried her into the ad world.

People love stories
Respect the audience
Fall in love (with your work – or else no one else will)
Defend your work
No one remembers if it was late, but everyone remembers if it sucked
Covers do sell books — but only once. Make sure your work has substance
Take lunch (go out and be inspired)
Follow your gut
Try. Fail. Repeat
Love what you do

Later in the afternoon, at the crucial 24 hour countdown, the All-Stars had one more inspirational chat, this time with ADC’s own Ignacio Oreamuno, Brendan Watson, Zack Kinslow and Brett McKenzie. All four of these ADC staffers come from creative advertising backgrounds, and have all felt the pressure of having to present work that must wow the clients. And so they were in a good position to offer practical advice on how to nail down their concepts and prepare them for a kickass presentation. The All-Stars received boot camp lessons in timing, in confidence and in minimalism, learning how to whittle down what they had into the sharpest ten-minute showcase they’ve ever had to put on.

From then on, no more parties, no more excursions into the Manhattan nightlife. Instead, it was a full evening of sweating, scurrying and strategizing, all for Friday’s grand finale. And when the ADC Gallery closed its doors to the All-Stars at midnight, everyone knew at last just how serious this was going to be.