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Portfolio Night 13 New York SOLD OUT

JWT New York's event is the first Portfolio Night city to sell out in 2015

Start spreading the news! New York has just become the first Portfolio Night 13 city to officially sell out! ADC Portfolio Night 13, the largest advertising portfolio review and recruitment event in the world, is taking place on May 20 in 24 cities across the planet. Tickets had only went on sale earlier this week, but leave it to the Big Apple to be the hottest of the hotspots.

“Portfolio Night New York has sold out virtually every year since the city first became involved in Portfolio Night in 2006,” says Sarah West, Portfolio Night Global Manager. “That said, it’s always exciting when New York sells out, and doubly so when it is the first city. We know that JWT New York — this year’s City Host — was fully prepared for a full house, and now they know they’ll have one.”

If you haven’t scored a ticket yet, the question now is: “what to do, what to do, what to do?” There’s always the waitlist, where you can take your chances and hope that a ticket frees up for you, but that’s admittedly a bit of a long shot. Might the veterans behind Portfolio Night suggest perhaps making a road trip to another city? Imagine getting your foot in the door in Boston, Montreal, Toronto or Chicago — all Portfolio Night cities within a 12 hour drive of the Big Apple. And it’s important to note that at least five of last year’s Portfolio Night All-Stars winners had traveled from another city to attend the event.