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Portfolio Night 12: Sights, Sounds & Successes

Recapping ADC's global portfolio review

Can you imagine organizing a grand portfolio review involving dozens of aspiring creatives and the top advertising creative directors in the city? Now can you imagine organizing said event to happen in 24 cities across the globe — all on the same night? That’s exactly what ADC did, and a few weeks ago it all became a reality as Portfolio Night 12 was unleashed on the world. And now you can see exactly what went down!

For those unaware, Portfolio Night is an evening where copywriters, art directors, technologists and designers meet esteemed creative directors in a fast paced night of speed dating-esque interviews. For the young creatives, it’s a chance to get some solid feedback on their books from a wide variety of CDs. For the creative directors, it’s an opportunity to give back to the next generation of talent, guiding and mentoring them and perhaps even hiring them in the future. For the City Hosts — the agencies and institutions spearheading Portfolio Night in each city — it’s a chance to raise their flag on a global stage.

PN12 South Africa’s video will show you just how absolutely incredible Portfolio Night can be for all involved.

Portfolio Night 12 was especially impressive due the cities involved this year. We had locations such as Toronto and Montreal — the only two cities to have participated in all twelve years of Portfolio Night — as well as Portfolio Night newcomers Cape Town and Minneapolis. It also marked the long awaited return of Portfolio Night to Beirut, Dubai, Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

Now every Portfolio Night event is a little different; some are big, elaborate productions, while ones in smaller cities tend to be gentler affairs. And while we are proud of all cities this year, we wanted to draw special attention to PN12 Johannesburg and Cape Town. Both hosted by McCann, the video below will show you just how absolutely incredible Portfolio Night can be for all involved.



Of course Portfolio Night would not be the worldwide event that it is today without the support of our Global Partners. These sponsors make it possible for Portfolio Night to happen across many continents on one single evening. A gracious thanks to Shutterstock and their ever-present napkin doodles; Twitter, who not only had interactive Vine booths in various cities, but also worked alongside ADC to develop #Tweetfolio, an all-new tool for getting the best portfolios in front of the best people; Squarespace for gifting accounts to attendees; and Wayin, who made every Portfolio Night city come alive with a burst of social media. Longtime Portfolio Night partner VCU Brandcenter also served as North American sponsor, a pretty big deal when you consider that nearly half of the PN12 cities are in the US and Canada.

So what’s next for Portfolio Night? Well the ADC team is getting ready to host Portfolio Night All-Stars this August. Each PN12 city selected the person with the very best portfolio to fly to New York to participate in a week-long creative challenge at the ADC Gallery. We will be announcing all 24 All-Stars in the next few weeks, as well as the global brand they’ll all be challenged to work on. And after All-Stars, it’s onwards and upwards towards Portfolio Night 13 in May 2015, complete with a slick new Squarespace website designed by CROWD STUDIO.

Will you be involved in PN13? Some of this year’s cities have already signed on for next year. For more info on bringing Portfolio Night to your city, please contact Sarah West, Portfolio Night Global Manager at sarah@adcglobal.org