Portfolio Night 12 Monday Update

ADC’s Portfolio Night 12, the world’s largest advertising portfolio review, is a little more than three weeks away. Here’s the latest from around the globe.

Late Friday night New York became the second (or is that first?) PN12 city to reach the “sold out” mark. New York has been a major Portfolio Night city ever since it joined the global event in 2006, and it has sold out every single year.


New York might be the only PN12 city sitting at the “sold out” mark right now, but that’s only because PN12 Toronto decided to release a new block of tickets. Prior to that, Canada’s largest city sold all of its tickets in less than 32 hours — the fastest for any city in Portfolio Night history. And Toronto is set to “re-sell out” again; there are only a few tickets left!


So which city will be next to sell out? Hard to say, but Budapest, Chicago, Dubai, Paris and Singapore are all very close. Don’t wait until the last minute on these hot cities!


Have you been following the Portfolio Night All-Stars reality series? For those of you living in the dark, the person with the best portfolio from each Portfolio Night city last year was flown to New York to participate in a week-long creative challenge, working on a real brief for a famous brand. We documented the entire experience in anticipation of this year’s Portfolio Night — where we will be doing it all over again! Yes, that’s right, if you have the best portfolio in your city’s Portfolio Night event, you’ll come to New York and represent your town on the world stage!

The latest episode of Portfolio Night All-Stars: The Series is posted below. To see past episodes, click here.


Creative Bites: advice from the CDs who will be reviewing at PN12


Ready To Shine: a glimpse of some of the PN12 attendees


Blood, Sweat & Tears

To showcase the countless hours, sleepless nights, killed ideas and ambitious drive that go into crafting the perfect portfolio and breaking into the advertising industry as a young creative, ADC commissioned 12 artists from the ADC Young Guns community and ADC Membership to create their own interpretation of the phrase “Blood, Sweat and Tears.”

Below is Blood, Sweat & Tears as envisioned by ADC Young Gun Jordan Metcalf.


“As makers and creators, a lot of our hard work, self doubt, energy and obsessive attention to detail get hidden in the simplicity of our final products and the ease with which images are consumed. People looking at the end result imagine a clear and linear path from blank page to finished work, with ‘creativity’ being the only requirement for creation. The concept of this piece was to create an image that is delicate and precious, but plays off the expression to allude subtly to the unseen effort, pain and frustration that often goes into creating a end result.”