Portfolio Night 12: “City vs. City” Video Competition

Help decide which city has the best campaign in the world

ADC’s Portfolio Night 12 — the largest advertising portfolio review in the world — is mere weeks away, and 24 cities around the globe are gearing up for the big night. Yes, on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, thousands of aspiring young creatives will sit down in front of hundreds of creative directors to be reviewed, critiqued, possibly hired and even made into a Portfolio Night All-Star!

In order to raise awareness of Portfolio Night in the various regions of the world, the City Hosts — various agencies and schools who spearhead Portfolio Night in their respective cities — are invited to create a promotional video. Now these videos do a fine job at driving ticket sales for this globe-spanning event, but let’s be honest, there’s another reason for the Hosts to make them.

Bragging rights.

Yes, there’s nothing like knowing that your city’s Portfolio Night video is the best on the planet, and so this year we are announcing City vs. City, a friendly little competition between the 24 different host locations.

It’s all very simple:

  • All of the promo videos are posted on the PN12 website, as well as in a convenient Vimeo album.
  • Like a particular video? Then share it on Twitter using the hashtag #PN12
  • Whichever video has the most plays by Tuesday, May 27 at 11:59 PM EST wins this year’s City vs. City challenge!


Vote Here


Will this year’s winner be a slick production like the one for PN12 Montreal? Will it transcend language barriers like PN12 Beijing/Shanghai? Or maybe a video like PN12 Los Angeles is bizarre enough to take the prize. Whichever one it is, it’s up to you to share the love!

For tickets and info on Portfolio Night 12, please click here.