PlayLab Inc. & Lunifred Benjamin: Brother Ray (Kingdom Came)

ADC Young Guns 11 winners direct video for Ace Hotel 'Artist-in-Residence'

Earlier this week, ADC Young Guns 11 winners PlayLab Inc. — they of +Pool fame — released a video they directed for Virginia-born songwriter Lunifred Benjamin. Entitled “Brother Ray (Kingdom Came)”, the song is the first single from the artist’s new album “Autumn Suite”, an album recorded all in a single evening at New York’s Ace Hotel as part of the PlayLab-curated Artist-in-Residence program.

The video was shot at PlayLab’s studio in the West Village, made by compiling dozens of takes of Lunifred from several different angles. One wardrobe change and five Miller Lite’s later, he becomes Brother Ray.

For those who have been following along, this isn’t PlayLab’s first kick at the video-making can. They were also commissioned by Adobe to create a nostalgic walk-through-the-woods called ‘A Walk to Remember’, as well as a short film commissioned by Venn Arts called ‘When a Dude Gets Dumped By His Waitress at a Diner’.