Pins Won’t Save The World: Jessica Walsh

Launching today, ADC Member Jessica Walsh gives us first look into a new Sagmeister & Walsh project

Pins Won’t Save the World” is the latest from Sagmeister & Walsh, 40 illustrated pins that protest Trump, encourage people to vote for Hillary, and promote love, tolerance & kindness. Some of the pin designs we’re used for tees, posters, stickers, bumper stickers, and temporary tattoos.


“In addition to our own designs, we asked some of our talented friends and colleagues to contribute to the project” says Walsh. “We’re stoked to have amazing contributors onboard such as Brian Rae, Jean Jullien, Timothy Goodman, Olimpia Zagnoli, Ward Sutton, Will Bryant, Coucou Suzette, Adam JK, Ro & Co Studio, Jon Contino, and HORT.”


So, why pins? She explains, “Enamel pins and patches are trendy right now, especially among millennials. Millennials are the most liberal generation in the modern era, however only 26% of them voted in the 2012 election. That’s 48 million missed votes. On top of that, most our liberal friends are apathetic about Hillary. Polls are closing in, and it’s getting really scary.”



That is really scary. The thought of Trump for Prez, even scarier, but a reality that becomes more real when millions of votes are missed or unaccounted for.

We agree, we can’t let a racist, misogynistic, homophobic man become president of the United States. Just like Walsh and her pin contributors, we want everyone to be able to wear their heart and politics on their sleeves, or bags, collars, and jackets so the pins will be sold for a price you can’t refuse. All profits will be donated to Amnesty International #americaIbelievein charity.

“We are well aware that pins wont save the world, but we think wearing them will at least make us feel a little better. And we hope we can convince a few likeminded liberal friends (especially in swing states) to remember to register and vote for Hillary.

Grab 1 or 100 pins here and #pinstagram your political stance and @pinswontsavetheworld.

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