Ping Zhu, Kelsey Dake Make Their Mark in The Recorder

ADC Young Guns winners featured in latest issue of Monotype's magazine

We here at ADC are proud of our long, storied history, but even at a grand old age of 95, we’re still young’ns when compared to our friends at Monotype, partners in our Typography and Lettering Month. Monotype has been doing their thing since 1887, and part of “their thing” was producing The Recorder, a magazine devoted to the world of type. Founded in 1902, The Recorder was published right through to the 1970s (with a brief hiatus for WWII).

The Recorder recently relaunched as a stunningly lush publication, one that goes beyond the intricacies and minutiae of type design to appeal to a much broader swath of the creative community. The third issue has just been released, featuring the illustrations of not one but two ADC Young Guns winners: Brooklyn-based YG11 winner Ping Zhu and Phoenix-based YG12 winner Kelsey Dake.

The new issue also includes features on the history of the design and printing of banknotes; the legacy of typography legend Beatrice Warde — and the generations of women who have followed in her footsteps — and the ancient art of stone carving.

Come for the Young Guns, stay for the awesomeness.