Photographer of the Day: Vivian Selbo

ADC Member and Slate Design Director eschews "what" for "why" and "how"

August is winding down, but it’s still Photography Month here on the ADC blog. We are featuring a different photographer every day of the month. Some are seasoned professionals, some are young up and comers, and some are just amateur shutterbugs taking snapshots on the side. One thing they have in common: they are all ADC Members, part of our globe-spanning creative community. We hope that you enjoy their work as much as they love creating it!

Selbo-Vivian-2014-07-16-headshotVIVAN SELBO
Designer Director,
New York, NY, USA

How old were you when you took an interest in photography, and when did it become more than an interest?

I’d guess that age twelve is probably when my interest was solidified. That’s when my father lent me his Canon on a family trip to Norway.

What do you love most about photography as an artform?

As an artform, I love that photography challenges our ways of seeing, if given the opportunity. It can cover a broad spectrum of real and unreal at the same time.

What is your favorite thing to shoot?

I like to shoot practically anything. For me it’s less about what, and more about why and how. At the moment my eye is on panoramic landscapes, with and without people, in which not all parts of the image are recorded at exactly the same time. I’ve developed double-vision on the right periphery and these images are reminiscent of that. The samples I’ve provided are very urban — 6th Avenue and 43rd St to be precise.

“The best camera is the one you have on hand. Mine is the iPhone 5.”

What is your favorite piece of equipment?

The best camera is the one you have on hand. Mine is the iPhone 5.

Which person most inspires your photographic passion? Which professional photographers do you look up to?

Inspirational photographic passion comes from so many, here’s just a few: Carrie May Weems, Lorna Simpson, Shirin Neshat, Marilyn Nance, Sebastio Salgado, Man Ray, and more …