Photographer of the Day: Michael Goldberg

ADC Member Michael Goldberg masters the art of portrait photography

August is Photography Month here on the ADC blog. Among other stories and articles, we will be featuring a different photographer every weekday of the month. Some are seasoned professionals, some are young up and comers, and some are just amateur shutterbugs taking snapshots on the side. One thing they have in common: they are all ADC Members, part of our globe-spanning creative community. We hope that you enjoy their work as much as they love creating it!

New York, NY, USA
Instagram: @micpic

How old were you when you took an interest in photography?

There was a photography class when I went to art school, and I learnt to develop film in the darkroom and make prints. Years later I did a workshop with Magnum in New York. Then in 2010 I was awarded best of 10 in the Leica Oskar Barnack International Photography Award. I’ve been taking photos regularly since then.

What do you love most about photography as an artform?

I love the challenge of it; because it’s so easy to take a photo, it’s hard to make a picture that stands out as original.

What is your favorite thing to shoot?

Portraits. People are fascinating, especially in New York!

“It’s so easy to take a photo, it’s hard to make a picture that stands out as original.”

What is your favorite piece of equipment?

Actually it’s my only piece of equipment. It’s a little rangefinder and a 35mm lens.

Which person most inspires your photographic passion? Which professional photographers do you look up to?

Too many to list! Dijkstra, Arbus, Eggleston, Gilden, Friedlander, Sherman, Parr, diCorcia, Shore…